I highly recommend these products to everyone - I found in just one week my skin is smoother and looking younger and more rejuvenated. I am fully satisfied with the results.

Lady Aquino - Inflight Services Manager

The immediate tightening effect of the D-Crease Line Relaxer is very impressive and the hydrating mask contains major moisture...the perfect product to leave on overnight..

Rob Devereux - Regional Director of Fitness Development (Asia)

Having used many so called 'miracle creams' on the market and never finding any results, I tried Art A Face.....not only have the lines on my forehead gotten finer (almost invisible), my face is looking a lot clearer.

Regina Turner - Inflight Services Manager

"These products have made a huge difference to the texture of my skin, which was rather dehydrated even though I used quite an expensive range. I work long hours at a computer in a heated office and this does not help my skin. I really liked the Gentle Skin Polisher which did not dry my skin at all but left it feeling incredibly smooth. I then used the hydrating mask which really made my skin soft and supple. I am now using the full range of products and this has made even more of a difference ^ I would not go back to my old products for anything. Thank you!"

K Frankham - Auckland


I'm very positive about the outcome of using Art A Face products on my skin - it's smoother. The mask is great!!!

Maribelle Tsui-Raza - Inflight Services Manager

The Moisture Boost Eye Cream provides a nourishing feeling and helps get rid of puffy and tired eyes. The day and night creams leave you with a fresher and more brilliant look.

Nicola Geissler - Airline Executive (Switzerland)

After using the D-Crease Line Relaxer for 3 weeks, my skin feels toned and taut. I have used the hydrating mask four times and my skin feels hydrated and firmer after each use.

Suzana Hookens - Senior Purser

Due to sun damage I have always had darker pigmentation areas on my face but since using the day and night creams my skin tone has improved dramatically - very happy!!!

Lara Fabiani - Professional Tennis Player - Hong Kong

The enduring moisturizing effect of the Intense Hydrating Mask can still be felt 12 hours later... I can't wait to try the Potent C Serum and Regenerative Night Serum.

Debbie Lovell MSa - Personal Trainer / Master Of Science

I have very, very dry and sensitive skin, so I have used a wide range of skin products for many years. I have used Art A Face Skin Science products for over two years now. My skin retains moisture for the whole day, with the All Day Protection Plus and is much softer. I use the Gentle Polishing Cleanser every other day as a face wash with excellent effect. It does not dry out my skin, but leaves it feeling clean and supple. I use other products in the range and am mor than happy with all of them. The two described are my favourites. I have a huge stock as I travel and don't want to run out.

Mrs H.V. Lund - London, UK

I have to say this skin care range is good - very good. After 40 years of hairdressing and selling skincare, and with a daughter working in that industry, I have tried many products over the years. I am 62 years old and compliments about how nice your skin looks are rare! Since using Ros's products I have had compliments - wow I love these products!

Roz Murrell - Te Awamutu

"I am loving your product and have found that my skin has never been better. I have also found your service excellent."

T. E. - South Canterbury

"In the past I have had real problems with moisturizers and face creams. I have just finished a course of Roaccutane and after seeing you on TV thought I would try your product. I am really happy and have had no adverse reactions."

M. B. - Paraparaumu

"The Art A Face products are GREAT. I've been using the day and night creams each day and night and they feel really good. My friends have noticed that my skin looks good too. I intend to keep using your products"

D. O. (Mr) - Wellington

"I have had dermatitis on my face for the last six months and everything I put on it seemed to make it flare up. My brother gave me a sample of your night cream and I have been using it for almost a week with no adverse reaction. My skin thanks you. I have also noticed a definite improvement in the tone of my skin and your products seem to be repairing some of the damage done by the dermatitis."

R. C. - Auckland

"I live in the Middle East and I swim and scuba dive a lot. My skin really dries out - your stuff has been fantastic - a lot of the dryness and cracking has gone - also it doesn't smell which is good. I will be ordering some more."

A J (Mr) - UAE

"I am in my late 50's and am really enjoying your hydrating mask. I feel that it has rehydrated my skin as well as having a lovely fragrance and a luxurious texture. My skin doesn't feel so dry and I like the SPF 15 in the day cream."

D R - Hobsonville

"I am so excited that someone has finally delivered a product that is so beneficial for my skin and yet causes absolutely no allergic reaction. I have struggled to find products that suit my very sensitive skin and have had to go through a process of elimination with such brands as Clarins, Revlon and Clinique. These all give me a skin rash and so it was with some hesitation that I sampled your product. I have to say that not only do I enjoy the texture and fragrance of the Art A Face range but I feel a significant difference to my skin and have had no allergy. I look forward to continuing to use your range."

Sue Stanaway - Stanaway Real Estate - Auckland