Ros Torrance

Ros Torrance: creator of the Art A Face Skin Science range.

winter skin

Just as it is important to prepare your skin for summer, it's even more essential to protect our face and body against the ravages of colder weather.

Dry skin is caused by the simple loss of hydration or the ability to retain it. In order to restore skin to its natural balance, you need to apply skin products with natural ingredients like olive oil, rosehip oil and squalene. In winter our skin is stressed and reacts with redness, irritation and hypersensitivity. Ignoring these symptoms could cause long term damage such as scarring and the appearance of signs of ageing. All skin types should look for humectants or emollients in skin care. Emollients such as shea butter, squalene and jojoba oil are particularly important as they not only moisturise and soften the skin but provide a protective layer on its surface.

Cold weather can exacerbate a number of skin conditions. The most common of these is eczema which produces inflammation, itching and sometimes scaling or blisters. It is very important not to use harsh chemicals on the skin. The Art A Face Skin Science range of products is perfectly formulated to address any allergic reactions with its use of pure New Zealand colostrum. Colostrum has an inhibitory effect on harmful viruses, yeasts and bacteria and its effectiveness as a functional ingredient beneficial to health has been well documented in New Zealand and overseas. Art A Face works by keeping the skin soft and hydrated, protecting the lipid barrier.

Leave behind the foaming face washes and alcohol based toners which strip oil from the skin and start using an oil based moisturiser which also provides a protective barrier. Don't forget the sensitive skin on the lips and use a protective lip balm under your lipstick or gloss. A n absolute must is a twice weekly hydrating mask - try the Art A Face Intense Hydrating Mask. Natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are present in the intercellular matrix of human skin and play and important part in tissue hydration, lubrication and ce4llular function and are capable of holding more water than any biological substance. For a startling improvement in skin's texture, tone and hydration levels, leave it on overnight.

On colder nights, it's tempting to warm up with a hot shower or bath. This also strips the skin of essential oils and can leave it dry and irritated. Step up exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and apply a generous layer of body lotion after a lukewarm shower. Your hands and nails are on show to the public at all times so make sure to carry a tube of Art A Face Nail Renew for split flaky nails and dry cuticles. The keratin contained in this product improves the protein in nails by up to 30% in 72 hours!

Last but not least, I must mention liquid intake. Don't be super-fixated about it though - I have clients with incredibly dry skin who drink 8 - 10 glasses a day. There is nothing more tedious than drinking water when you are cold, or when you're not actually thirsty. It is, however, more palatable in the winter months to drink hot water with lemon. Herbal teas are great as well to eliminate toxins and keep the body hydrated.

It's easy to "winter proof" your skin and these quick and easy tips will help keep you looking radiant and gorgeous no matter what the temperature.

Ros Torrance

Founder and CEO Art A Face Cosmetics Ltd

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