Ros Torrance

Ros Torrance: creator of the Art A Face Skin Science range.

new zealand developed skin treatment range launched

A beautiful range of natural and highly effective skin treatments developed and manufactured in New Zealand, is being introduced to the beauty therapy and spa market.

Art A Face Skin Science products have been created by Aucklander Ros Torrance, who has worked closely for some years with leading skin scientists, medical specialists and others to develop a natural skin treatment range.

It combines the latest international technological advances with some of New Zealand's most natural and effective materials, including plant and marine botanicals and for the first time, New Zealand-produced Colostrum refined to its most pure form.

Art A Face Skin Science products have previously only been available to plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin specialists here and overseas, and are now being made available to the New Zealand beauty profession exclusively through Wendy Hill Cosmetics.

The decision to introduce the range to the beauty therapy/spa sector was brought about by the increasing demand from business operators for alternative treatments and a greater range of choice of treatments.

Ros has had 16 years in the cosmetics industry, and began developing Art A Face when she worked as a makeup artist and was unable to find commercially available skin treatment products that produced the results she wanted.

"As a makeup artist working in the bridal market, I was having to cover up uneven and damaged skin where the requirement was for an effective, fast working range of skin care products, particularly for exfoliation and hydration," she says.

"It soon became apparent that as well as firming, oxygenating and hydrating the skin, the range also needed to address the issue of sensitivity and other skin problems."

The result is a range of products that is particularly beneficial for those with very sensitive skins, and is also effective in the treatment of rosacea, dermatitis and psoriasis.

The Art A Face Skin Science range can be safely used 48 hours after surgery to reduce swelling and bruising and to address post surgical trauma for people who have had cosmetic surgery, or for use after laser resurfacing, Botox and collagen treatments.

The effectiveness of colostrum as a functional ingredient beneficial to health has been well documented by New Zealand and overseas research. There is a wealth of clinical data on its ability to fight disease and promote good health, factors that also make it an ideal ingredient for skin care particularly for its ability to act as an anti-ageing agent.

The enzymes in the range work synergistically to completely retexturise the skin, providing continuous moisturising, cell renewal and oxygenation while also fighting free radical damage. The products are formulated to be safe and effective, and also rich and luxurious.

They contain higher percentages of active ingredients than is commonly found in skin treatment products, to ensure that the skin feels revitalised and hydrated, and to produce dramatic and noticeable results in a short time frame. For example one product, the Moisture Boost Eye Cream, has been shown to significantly extend the effectiveness of Botox injections, actually doubling the time between treatments from three to six months.

The range has been part of the treatment regime of leading New Zealand plastic surgeons and dermatologists for some time.

Plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Stephen Gilbert of Auckland, says not only are they highly effective cosmeceutical skin care products on their own, but they also play a vital part in pre-conditioning the skin prior to surgical procedures, and promote rapid healing and recovery afterwards.

Art A Face Skin Science products have a successful track record internationally. They are sold in a number of markets overseas, and are an integral part of the training and grooming programme of Emirates Airlines in Dubai (one of the fastest growing airlines in the world) and several other international airlines.

Wendy Hill, the managing director of leading New Zealand professional makeup company Wendy Hill Cosmetics, says she is delighted that her company will distribute and market the Art A Face range to the beauty profession.

"The synergy of two New Zealand owned companies working together is very exciting for us and our clients, because understanding the unique New Zealand climate, outdoor lifestyles and the effects of this on women's skin, enables us to work directly with our stockists to better meet their customers needs," she says.

"The availability of the Art A Face Skin Science range is a wonderful development for New Zealand beauty therapy and spa operators. It is a beautiful and highly effective New Zealand developed and manufactured product range, that offers an alternative to existing brands and provides a wonderful and unique range of products. It is a valuable addition to any treatment menu."

As with all products introduced and distributed by Wendy Hill Cosmetics, Wendy and her team trialed each product to ensure the quality, treatment effectiveness and professional performance. Wendy says the results were impressive.

"From my own personal trial, I found Art A Face products to be noticeably effective in a short time frame," she says. "Being a redhead with fair freckled and quite sensitive skin - even with my usual good regime of skin care - my skin would often still feel dehydrated each morning.

"Also, I'm aware that being in my fifties my skin is changing with the hormonal changes, and I know I need a good anti-ageing programme. Now each morning, my skin is plumped out more, it is hydrated and smoother, and there is a noticeable decrease in facial lines, which is a real bonus!"

"We found all the Art A Face products also performed very well under makeup, and are perfect for bridal use when a makeup needs to last all day."

Under the agreement between the two companies, Wendy Hill Cosmetics will market the range to the New Zealand beauty industry as the exclusive distributor. The company has already scheduled two product presentations at its head office in Auckland to initially introduce the range.

Inquiries about the Art A Face Skin Science range should be made to Wendy Hill Cosmetics on Auckland 525-6990 or 0800 WENDY HILL (toll free).