Ros Torrance

Ros Torrance: creator of the Art A Face Skin Science range.

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New Zealand Herald - July 2007

Ros Torrance, the founder and Managing Director of Art A Face Cosmetics Limited wanted to create a niche brand containing highly effective and fast working ingredients. To this end, Art A Face Skin Science was launched in 2001 and is stocked today by many of New Zealand's most prestigious appearance medicine clinics and plastic surgeons. Ros works closely with the Art A Face scientists to ensure that the formulations are safe and effective but also rich and luxurious. The main ingredient is the purest form of colostrum which helps heal extreme skin conditions. The products can be applied 48 hours after cosmetic surgery procedures to take down facial swelling and bruising and address post surgical trauma.

Tackling the export market has meant that Ros has exhibited Art A Face at a number of trade fairs in the Middle East, Hong Kong and France and like most business women has to balance family life with constant travel. A highlight earlier this year was being invited to the NZ Embassy in Paris to showcase Art A Face to French press.

Ros has now branched out into the travel industry which was a natural progression due to the fact that the product range is extremely beneficial for long haul travel and keeps hydration levels stable. Art A Face is an integral part of the training and grooming programme in Dubai for Emirates flight crew and is available through a dedicated website in Hong Kong. Other international airlines are trialing the range for in flight sales making Art A Face a global brand in demand.