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Ros Torrance & Sir Richard Branson

Ros Torrance and Richard Branson

Australian Women's Weekly

Australian Women's Weekly August 20135 Minutes With Ros
"This article talks directly with Ros about Art A Face and asks these questions. What inspired you to create Art A Face? What is your favourite product? Do you have a beauty secret you swear by? What does beauty mean to you?"

August 2013

Sunday Magazine - Sunday Star Times

Sunday Magazine - Sunday Star TimesArt A Face Rejuvenating Overnight Cream
"Art A Face is a a boutique range of skincare made in New Zealand with pure New Zealand colostrum. It is often stocked by plastic surgeons and dermatologists."

July 2013

M2 Woman

M2 Woman Winter 2013Winter Woes
"The cooler seasons can unleash a number of skin troubles upon us. We look at some of the options to tackling Winter's skin challenges and getting your glow back - treat your skin to a regular hydrating mask each week to boost your skin routine."

Winter 2013

New Zealand Bride and Groom

New Zealand Bride and Groom July September 201Beauty Inspiration
"Art A Face Potent-C Serum works to reduce the signs of ageing and hyper-pigmentation as well as firming and lightening the skin."

July September 2013

Your Weekend - The Press

Your Weekend - The PressDrawn from Nature
"Made in Auckland by former Estee Lauder counter manager Ros Torrance, Art A Face is a top end beauty range based on animal colostrum (a form of milk produced just before birth)."

May 2013


Uno Winter 2013Art A Face Rejuvenating Overnight Cream
"A newly formulated rich, luxurious night nourisher designed to work with your body during the crucial hours of sleep and regeneration..."

Winter 2013


Metropol May 2013Beauty File
"This newly formulated overnight cream is rich and luxurious. It has powerful and hard-working enzymes which are designed to help speed up the natural regeneration of skin tissue, promoting cell growth and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also features pure New Zealand colostrum."

May 2013

Australian Women's Weekly

Australian Women's Weekly May 2013Serums
"Serums are big news in the beauty world, with just about every major cosmetics house launching one during the past couple of years. Serums we love... Art A Face Potent C Serum"

May 2013

New Idea

New Zealand Bride and Groom Feb-April 2013Crème de la crème
"When the temperature drops we're drawn to rich, hearty comfort food."

April 2013

New Zealand Bride and Groom

New Zealand Bride and Groom Feb-April 2013Beauty Inspiration
"Art A Face All Day Protection Plus protects skin from UV rays, maintains hydration and improves elasticity and tone."

Feb – April 2013

Next Magazine

Next Magazine Press February Issue 2013The Art of Repair
Sunscreen can offer more than just sun protection. Art A Face All Day Protection Plus SPF15 is a New Zealand product that not only offers light protection from UV rays, but features colostrum - a powerhouse protein that's been dubbed the 'wonder product' of the millennium. It helps repair sun damage and has anti-ageing properties.

February 2013

M2Woman Magazine

M2 Woman Magazine Press January Febuary Issue 2013Protect
Look for high protection SPF sunblock and reapply it every day, not just when at the beach. Caroline Parker, Head of Education for Dermalogica New Zealand says a sunscreen is the most important skin care products you will ever purchase. "Research has show that when UV rays penetrate our skin, there is skin reddening, DNA damage and a burst of free radicals is generated. These unstable molecules wreak havoc on the skin cells". The combination of free radicals an UV rays cause the sun induced changes such as pigmentation, wrinkling, actinic keratosis and skin cancer. To combat this, Caroline suggests using sunblocks, which are formulated with ingredients such as antioxidants that enhance skin health.

January - February 2013

Thread Magazine

Thread Magazine January 2013This just in: New Sunscreens
Thread takes some new sunscreens down to Little Shoal Bay on a sunny morn to have a play with. Art A Face Skin Science All Day Protection Plus SPF15 is our third New Zealand brand featured here. It's a boutique brand of botanical-based, NZ made skincare made by Art a Face Cosmetics in Remuera, Auckland and uses key ingredient colostrum, which is recommended by Dermatologists for skin healing properties. It also moisturises with shea butter, sweet almond oil, and Hyaluronic Acid. Its slender, pump-top bottle is very elegant and expensive looking. It absorbed beautifully and felt great on the skin and I'll be wearing it under my make-up.

January 2013

New Zealand’s Woman’s Day

New Zealands Womans Day Magazine Press December 2012Screening Process
More than just a facial sunscreen, new Art A Face All Day Protection Plus SPF15 contains the wonder ingredient colostrum, which helps to repair tissue damage and slows down premature aging. Art A Face founder and managing director Ros Torrance says, "The combination of natural active enzymes, botanicals and peptides, along with key ingredient colostrum, work in synergy to accelerate biological reactions, which means when used regularly, skin tone, texture and radiance will improve faster while the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.

December 2012

Sunday Magazine

Sunday Magazine Press December 2012SOS: Save Our Skin
A recent survey by Banana Boat sunscreen shows that only 11 percent of kiwis are actually doing this. The two things that put us off are, apparently, the greasy residue and the white finish left by some sunscreens. With summer finally here, it's time to up the application. We've trialled a few so you can make an informed decision on which one suits you.
Art A Face All Day Protection Plus SPF15: With a light feel, this offering is perfect to wear as your daily facial sunscreen year-round. It also contains colostrum which, due to its rejuvenation properties, helps slow down premature aging.

December 2012

New Zealand Woman’s Weekly

New Zealand Womans Weekly Press December 2012What is colostrum?
If you have breastfed then you'll know colostrum is the first milk you produce. It's packed with extra nutrients and antibodies that are vital for newborn baby. But why put it on your skin? Well it's bee hailed as a unique, natural anti-ager as it contains growth factors to help improve the thickness and elasticity of the skin. It's also a detoxifier and has anti-inflammatory powers to leave the skin softer, smoother and healthier. In our skincare it comes from cows rather than humans however.

December 2012

Indulge Magazine

Cover Up
The forecast for the Bay this summer is sun, sun and more sun. As your diary fills up with barbecues, picnics, races, and parties, remember to plan your sun protection. For the face use a moisturiser containing SPF protection. Art A Face All Day Protection Plus SPF15 is a sheer, finely textured day cream with the hero ingredient colostrum - hailed as the wonder product of the millennium for its ability to act in an anti-ageing capacity - which goes straight to work to help repair tissue damage and slow premature ageing.

Art A Face Press December 2012 Art A Face Press December 2012

November 2012

New Idea Magazine

New Idea Magazine January 2010Magical Mud. You get more than a purifying mud mask with Art A Face Refining Mud Mask. It will leave you feeling like you've had a non-surgical lift. Seaweed and Aloe Vera are among the ingredients that moisturise and heal.

January 2010

Virgin Blue Vitality programme

Art A Face Cosmetics is a partner in the Virgin Blue Vitality programme, a holistic programme promoting health and wellness for Virgin Blue, V Australia and Pacific Blue cabin crew....Founder Ros Torrance attended the Virgin Blue birthday celebrations in Brisbane in October attended by Sir Richard Branson.

Spring clean skin in readiness for summer 2009

images magazine 2009

Now that the depths of winter are hopefully behind us, it’s time to look in the mirror for a critical evaluation of our face, neck and décolletage.

A change of season brings a number of problems including dehydration, dull, lifeless skin and loss of firmness. Skin needs to be prepped and primed with a quick and easy exfoliation makeover!

All types of skin including dry, normal or even sensitive skin needs exfoliation.

The top layer of dead skin needs to be sloughed off to reveal the new skin cells underneath. For those suffering from clogged pores or breakouts, a fine polish is the perfect answer as they are very fine and act more as a skin buffer rather than a full-on, harsh scrub.

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Winter Skin 2009

Just as it is important to prepare your skin for summer, it's even more essential to protect our face and body against the ravages of colder weather.

Dry skin is caused by the simple loss of hydration or the ability to retain it. In order to restore skin to its natural balance, you need to apply skin products with natural ingredients like olive oil, rosehip oil and squalene. In winter our skin is stressed and reacts with redness, irritation and hypersensitivity. Ignoring these symptoms could cause long term damage such as scarring and the appearance of signs of ageing. All skin types should look for humectants or emollients in skin care. Emollients such as shea butter, squalene and jojoba oil are particularly important as they not only moisturise and soften the skin but provide a protective layer on its surface.

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